Donner: An HTTP Serving Library

Donner will be is be a statically-linked C library, enabling any application to have a painless web interface. "Donner" means "to give" in French.

Donner is a library of functions and structs for C programs designed to make web serving relatively painless. Right now Donner is still very much in its infancy, and is not feature complete. Currently, there are two sub-projects: libdonner and Giva.

libdonner is the actual Donner library. It consists of donner.h (the header file), donner.c (the actual Donner code) and uthash.h, another SourceForge project providing a hash library for C. It is used to manage mime types internally. The latest source can be found via svn:

svn co libdonner

Giva is a simple Mac OS X webserver, also very much feature-incomplete. It currently serves as the working example of Donner in action, and hopefully will one day be a formidable yet simple server solution for the Mac as well. Only time will tell. The latest release can be found under "downloads" on the SourceForge project page, and the latest source can be accessed via svn:

svn co giva

In the meantime, if you want more information, or you want to suggest features, please visit the SourceForge project page.

-- Scottie, 11 April 2007 Logo